« Following the devaluation of 25 to 30% of the Mexican Peso due to the health crisis, the help of the Foundation allowed me to cover my basic needs and the payment of my rent » Testimony of Santiago, PhD student in 2nd year at LePMI as part of a joint supervision thesis between Universidad Autónoma de Nuevo Leon, Mexico and Grenoble INP

« As an international student in France I have encountered financial difficulty due to the significant reduction in my monthly income due to the global economic situation. This situation has resulted in a 25-30% decrease in my monthly income due to the devaluation of the Mexican peso (country of origin of my income). These unforeseen events significantly affect the development of research activities of foreign students as is my case and in turn, limit the life quality. In this context, the support provided by the Fondation-INP allows me to cover basic needs and payment of rent, and thus be able to complete my thesis project in the best conditions and with the required quality ».