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A forerunner in the Grenoble ecosystem for scientific and technological patronage, the Grenoble INP Foundation works to bring the academic, scientific and industrial worlds together to address the societal challenges and issues of the 21ᵉ century. It supports the talents of Grenoble INP - UGA students, doctoral candidates, teacher-researchers and schools in their projects. It shares its experience and dynamism with industrialists and individual donors in order to build and develop ambitious and innovative projects.. 

By making a donation to the Grenoble INP Foundation, you are taking up, alongside Grenoble INP - UGA, the challenges and societal issues of the 21ᵉ century that are the major transitions: ecological, energy, demographic, economic, democratic, industrial and digital, to which we must provide sustainable solutions. Several possibilities are offered to you: cash donation, sponsorship in kind, sponsorship in skills. Each donation is precious. 

The Foundation is an image of Grenoble INP - UGA as a good corporate citizen that is given to organizations. It is an image that we are very attached to. The Foundation gives us wings, allows us to go further, higher, and to carry out projects that would not be possible without it.
Pierre Benech
Director of Grenoble INP


By supporting the Grenoble INP Foundation, you are helping to make our students creative and committed engineers for a sustainable world.

Joining the donors of the Grenoble INP Foundation means :

  • Promoting diversity and social openness within our schools
  • Supporting the success of Grenoble INP - UGA students
  • Supporting community life and projects with a social and environmental impact
  • Encourage responsible innovation and sustainable entrepreneurship
  • Contribute to the development of research and educational innovation


Joining the founding members and partner companies of Grenoble INP - UGA and the Grenoble INP Foundation means taking action to meet the challenges of tomorrow through concrete actions and shared values :

  • Creating a lasting relationship with Grenoble INP - UGA and involving your company in its development, in a model based on the synergy between education, research and industrial development, and in an international innovation network
  • Strengthen the presence and image of your company with Grenoble INP - UGA and its students through various programs :
  • Create privileged partnerships with our schools to contribute to teaching and anticipate the evolution of engineering professions and new fields of study;
  • Seize opportunities to support your research (R&D), particularly through industrial or scientific chairs of excellence,
  • Invest in meaningful projects that support your social and societal commitments.

The Grenoble INP Foundation proposes to build long-term partnerships on concrete, innovative projects structured around our values, in line with the development strategy of Grenoble INP - UGA:


Backed by excellent research and training, these chairs are designed for and with companies, on emerging and strategic subjects, as close as possible to our partners' research and innovation areas. 


Allocated to PhD students, engineering students and foreign master's students on the basis of a multi-criteria, transparent and demanding selection process, under the aegis of a jury, these grants aim to support the internationalization of Grenoble INP - UGA's training and research activities and to attract the best talent. 


Some laboratories have the opportunity to invite their scientific partners to guest professorships for renewable periods of one to three months. 


Supporting an association project that promotes values helps to develop the employer brand among students. In addition, this support promotes synergies between the academic and industrial worlds for the benefit of both.


“In today's global competition to attract the best talent and master the technologies most likely to develop energy efficiency, it is clear that this approach can only be collegial and develop within ecosystems. As part of a global approach, Schneider Electric, a pioneer in the field of energy efficiency, intends to develop equal opportunities and a global diversity approach. We know that the quality of a company is based above all on the women and men who make it up, and that is why Schneider Electric has been involved in building the Grenoble INP Foundation since day one. Through its international outreach, its scholarships for excellence and citizenship, and its scholarships for top athletes and musicians, the Foundation enables these men and women to pursue training that might otherwise seem inaccessible, and to continue to pursue their dreams and passions while studying. The Foundation is one of the few places where industry, research and education come together to anticipate tomorrow's needs in terms of skills and technologies. The chairs developed with the Grenoble INP Foundation allow us to explore innovative technological fields with other partners and to influence technical maturity in the medium term. This collaboration is part of one of the world's most innovative and supportive job pools, and is therefore attractive to all those involved.”
Nicolas Leterrier - Customers Innovation & ONE Labs global VP chez Schneider Electric
Nicolas Leterrier
Customers Innovation & ONE Labs global VP at Schneider Electric
“UDIMEC's commitment [...] is intended to show the importance of the Foundation's role as a vehicle for promoting engineering professions and technological progress in the service of mankind and the environment; promoting partnerships [...] on the "undertake and innovate" dimension to enable students and researchers to become real players in the progress of companies, and in particular SMEs, in the positioning of excellence through innovation.”
Thierry Uring
President of the Grenoble INP Foundation and General Delegate of UDIMEC
“The Grenoble INP Foundation enriches the historical work of the Grenoble Polytechnic Institute by helping to develop strong, ambitious, innovative projects that are marked by the highest standards. The success of the industrial chairs set up by numerous companies with the Foundation attests to the relevance of this orientation of excellence. The Foundation goes beyond this and considers that openness to the world and the anchoring of action in the human development of societies are essential dimensions for companies, students, teachers, researchers and schools in general. The Foundation therefore supports many personal and collective projects that are imbued with these values. The collective work carried out with the Board of Directors, the Schools, the Associations, the Companies, the Donors, and the Institutions, has resulted today in a magnificent success, the Grenoble INP Foundation and its achievements. I am proud to contribute to this organization at your side.”
Gilles Feuillade
Vice-President of the Grenoble INP Foundation & Director of Industry - EDF Generation & Hydraulic Engineering




As a Founder, Major Donor, Donor or Patron of the Grenoble INP Foundation, you will benefit from a recognition program adapted to the level of cooperation chosen.

The Foundation's team will be at your side to develop a personalized relationship in order to best meet your expectations and needs, and to enhance the value of all the actions, programs and operations carried out together.

  • A special status, with the possibility of being integrated into the Foundation's governance bodies (pedagogical committee, research committee, board of directors) and associated with the strategic, pedagogical and financial choices of the Grenoble INP Group.
  • Shared communication and image. The sponsorship framework is particularly conducive to public relations and communication operations, which will help increase your company's reputation among targeted audiences.
  • Access to international networks and innovation platforms in which Grenoble INP is involved. Opportunities for strategic investment in cutting-edge scientific tools or through our subsidiary INPG Entreprise SA.
  • Privileged support through the actions carried out by Grenoble INP and a pool of 9,000 students, the future talents of innovation.
  • Support for your training policy, by giving your employees the opportunity to keep abreast of innovations through our continuing education offer.

2020/2025 CAMPAIGN

On the occasion of its 10th anniversary, the Grenoble INP Foundation is launching a campaign among individuals and companies to support Grenoble INP Institute of Engineering and Management, and to enable it to inspire, through progress and science, a Society of solidarity for a sustainable world. 

In a world that is changing rapidly, sometimes brutally, the keys to competitiveness lie more than ever in innovation and the knowledge economy. Through the Grenoble INP Partnership Foundation, patrons and corporate partners are mobilizing to meet the challenges and societal issues of the 21ᵉ century that are the major transitions: ecological, energetic, demographic, economic, democratic, industrial and digital, to which we must provide sustainable solutions.

The challenge is to give our researchers the means to succeed at the highest level, to attract the best talent, to contribute to equal opportunities, to support progress by focusing on innovation, research and training, to act for future generations.

In this context, our strategic axes for the next 5 years are the following :

› Acting for equal opportunities & diversity, supporting the future talents of your companies 
› Acting for progress, transmission and synergy of knowledge and skills 
› Acting for a society of solidarity for a sustainable world