The Foundation

Grenoble INP

Let's Co-innovate for a sustainable World

Our vision

To inspire a sustainable society through progess and science

For more than a century, Grenoble INP – UGA has been training engineers and doctors, preparing them to meet the major technological and societal challenges of our world. A major player in innovation, open to the economic world and with a strong international presence, Grenoble INP supports companies in their development.

On January 1, 2020, Polytech Grenoble and Grenoble IAE joined Grenoble INP - UGA to create an engineering and management institute within the new site university,Université Grenoble Alpes. Grenoble INP - UGA is thus asserting itself as the higher education institution that trains the executives for the companies of tomorrow.

The Grenoble INP Foundation was created in 2010 to support the unique model of education, research and development that Grenoble INP - UGA represents.

Our mission

To support the ambition and development strategy of Grenoble INP, an engineering and management institute

The mission of the Grenoble INP Foundation is to support the ambition and development strategy of Grenoble INP - UGA, its 8 schools, laboratories and researchers in terms of scientific excellence, international influence and shared success (citizenship and equal opportunities).
Précurseur dans l’écosystème grenoblois pour le mécénat scientifique et technologique, la Fondation Grenoble INP partage son expérience et sa dynamique avec les industriels comme avec les donateurs particuliers afin de construire et développer des projets ambitieux et novateurs.

Our 3 strategic pillars

To support our strategy, our actions are based on 3 pillars and are sustainable. We are careful to build a relationship of trust through our exchanges and actions with our beneficiaries, our partners, our donors and our patrons.


Strengthen social policy, diversity and equal opportunity in access to training. Create projects that link human values, science and society in order to make future engineers and managers responsible and active in the world.


Building the future by recruiting the best talent and developing their potential. Strengthen the excellence of the research and training provided at Grenoble INP to meet the needs of society.

International influence

To support Grenoble INP and its partners in the deployment of their activities and collaborations at the highest international level.

Our team

Benoît Giroud




Communication officer


Assistant Director

Marilyn BINDI

Director of Human Resources

Cécile Chabot


Administrative and Financial Director



Our governance

The Grenoble INP Foundation, a partnership foundation as defined in article L719-13 of the French Education Code, has a rigorous and transparent management system. The Grenoble INP Foundation's strategy is supported by five bodies : 

“Our action relies on the volunteers who work within our Board of Directors and our committees to bring together the academic, scientific and industrial worlds and to address together the challenges and societal issues of the 21st century; their expertise and commitment are essential to enable us to accomplish our missions. We thank them warmly.”
Bernard Ugnon-Coussioz Directeur de la Fondation Grenoble INP
Bernard Ugnon-Coussioz
Director of the Foundation

The board of directors

Composed of 21 directors, it sets the strategy, votes on the budget and approves the Foundation's annual accounts. It relies on two committees to define, organize and manage the Foundation's activities. The Commissions are made up of volunteer members of the Board of Directors as well as outside experts recognized for their competence in the fields of investigation of the Commissions.

The foundation's executive committee

Appointed by the Board of Directors, the Executive Committee includes the President, the VicePresident, the Treasurer, the Director and the General Administrator of Grenoble INP. It executes the strategic orientations decided by the Board of Directors.

The program committee

It selects the actions, sizes them and ultimately proposes to the Board of Directors an annual program of actions with associated priorities; the allocation of the budget to the actions and the allocation of the budget to each action is normally integrated into this proposal. By delegation, the follow-up of the actions and the evaluation of their results are ensured by the committee.

La Commission ambassadeurs

Portée par des boursiers et d’anciens boursiers de la Fondation, son rôle est de faciliter l’intégration des nouveaux et nouvelles bénéficiaires, les accompagner dans leur parcours, les aider à développer leur réseau et les encourager à construire des projets étudiants et professionnels.

The communication commission

This committee supports the Board in promoting the Grenoble INP Foundation and in highlighting the actions undertaken and the commitment of its founding members. Within Grenoble INP, it contributes to informing about its missions and objectives and participates in internal cultural change.