Our actions

Programs designed for the common benefit of all contributors

Financed by an initial endowment from its six major founders and the ongoing support of corporate partners and individual donors, the Foundation's action programs are designed for the common benefit of all contributors and aligned with the Foundation's three strategic pillars : citizenship, excellence, and international outreach. Our actions are designed to last. We are careful to build a relationship of trust through our exchanges and actions with our beneficiaries, our partners, our donors and our patrons.

3 programs

Our scholarships

Promote equal opportunities, gender diversity, diversity of career paths and international openness.

Our chairs

To support the research (R&D) of Grenoble INP's partners through chairs of industrial, scientific or teaching excellence.

Our partnership actions

Bringing together the academic, scientific and individual worlds to meet the challenges and societal issues of the 21st century.

Our latest projects