Implementation of the first assembly line 4.0 operators training scenario for jobseekers

Within the framework of the agreement between the Isère training center of the' UDIMEC, a subsidiary of' UIMM, and the Industry 4.h Chair, the first training day dedicated to jobseekers was held on April 8 at Isère training center in Moirans.

Formation Industry 4.h

This immersive day enabled participants to discover Industry 4.0 in a real-world environment, thanks in particular to a 4.0 production line. This innovative training course aims to equip jobseekers with the skills needed to become production operators on a 4.0 line, while addressing the human and organizational challenges. Particular emphasis has been placed on the well-being of operators, and the benefits they can derive from integrating Industry 5.0 concepts.

The result of numerous working sessions with UDIMEC trainers, this training course is based on a scenario incorporating innovative approaches and a skills-based method, with clear objectives for trainers. It stands out for its fun, interactive approach, full of challenges, role-playing, and learning by doing.


The participants thus enjoyed an enriching and motivating experience, preparing them optimally for their future role in Industry 4.0. They also became aware of the challenges and risks that this evolution represents for human beings, while being equipped with the solutions and mechanisms needed to remedy these risks and make the digital transition a positive one for all.

Formation Industrie 4.0
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