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National and European environmental and energy efficiency objectives and the resulting regulatory incentives, the development of renewable energies, the deployment of smart meters, the need to meet new requirements such as the recharging of electric vehicles... All of these factors are profoundly changing the electricity distribution business, introducing more complexity into the networks and requiring distributors to make constant progress towards networks that are increasingly instrumented with sensors and actuators, and more and more automated.

Moreover, these networks constitute a critical infrastructure, a strategic asset whose security must not be altered by the growing complexity of management. Preserving, and even improving, the security and quality of the electricity supply in order to meet current and new needs and constraints, while controlling the cost of the necessary changes, is a major challenge and it is not yet known how it will be met.

“Distribution networks are at the heart of the energy transition and we need to design innovative solutions that will facilitate the move to a low-carbon economy, improve our industrial performance and offer new services to our customers. To do this, we want to work with the best teams. Enedis and Grenoble INP have been partners in the Smartgrids Chair for seven years. This collaboration, which we are renewing in 2021 for another five years, has brought us many results, some of which can be used directly in our industrial network management processes. Our partnership allows us to work with top-level experts in both electrical engineering and IT, big data and AI. We appreciate the high scientific level of the Grenoble INP teams and their understanding of our industrial challenges.”
Pierre Mallet

Pierre Mallet

R&D Director at Enedis
"En tant que Titulaire de la Chaire Smartgrids, je fais émerger de nouvelles thématiques de recherche, je définis sujets de thèse et j’encadre les travaux de recherche correspondants. Par ailleurs, nous contribuons à la diffusion des savoirs en organisant des journées de communication sur les travaux réalisés, en intégrant les problématiques smart grids au cœur des enseignements à l’attention des étudiants et étudiantes, mais aussi en faisant évoluer le MOOC Smartgrids, en projetant de créer de nouveaux outils de diffusion des connaissances tels que des Escape Games s’adressant à tous publics, en participant à la Fête de la Science…etc. »

Marie-Cécile Alvarez-Herault

Holder of the Smartgrids Chair, Senior Lecturer at Grenoble INP - Ense3, UGA and Researcher at G2Elab

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L’existence de la « chaire industrielle d’excellence ENEDIS sur les smart grids » résulte de la volonté de la société ENEDIS de financer, sous forme de mécénat auprès de la Fondation Grenoble INP, une activité de recherche, d’enseignement et de dissémination entièrement consacrée au thème des réseaux électriques intelligents ou « smart grids ».
The research work of the ENEDIS Chair of Excellence on smart grids aims to provide answers to questions raised by the very rapid evolution of uses and their impact on distribution networks, new network architectures, new technologies for observing and controlling these networks, their coupling with telecommunication channels, the security of coupled "electrical/telecom" networks, etc.
The work program of the Chair of Excellence on smart grids also includes an educational component whose objective is to disseminate the results of research work carried out upstream and to meet the new needs of the distribution industry in terms of qualified personnel to accompany the evolution of networks towards more intelligence and automation.

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